Time & Attendance

- solutions T&A, Biometric devices, Face Recognition, Finger Print, Hand Scanners, Procimity devices. Automatic Timesheet Entry. Access Control. Full support and maintenance service for devices and sotware.
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Vanquish-IPS -
Time & Attendance

Solutions – Time and Attendance, Access Control. Full range of data collection devices.
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Workforce Management Solutions

Integrated Time and Attendance, Flexitime, Access Control, Annualised Hours.
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Imperago -
Workforce Design

Optimise your shift patterns to maximise productivity whilst providing compliance with WTR, Union Rules and Health and Safety.
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Every One Cloud

Automated Timesheet Entry, Device management for Proximity Readers, Hand Readers, Face Scanners, Finger Printer readers. Location, Presence and Time tracking via the cloud. Solutions for all organisations including mobile apps, QRCode, iBeacons, geolocation and geofencing.
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